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Streaming LTSD's Plight album
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LTSD released the Digital Releases of the album one year after the CD went on sale. We're on all principal audio and video streaming platforms around the globe.

Cross Rhythms review of The Plight of the Passionate: 8/10 
"This is a fine piece of work, musically of a form and addressing themes sadly not so much heard these days, particularly in the Christian sphere...
Musically this album is full of ideas and creativity....

I was catching hints of Iona, Yes, Wishbone Ash...

The guitars, flute, sax and lead and back voices are consistently of a high standard....

There are some great moments on the keyboards...

such creative music, and some very deep and honest themes...." 

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The Plight of the
Passionate CD
CD & MP3s
of our first album
Released Dec 2017
£13 + pp

About LTSD

Later The Same Day a band that came about as a result of each musician getting involved somewhere in the process of the recording of The Plight of the Passionate LP. The songs, written by LTSD founding member, Tim Finch, started life as solo album project. The third studio songs album by Tim (5th including instrumental CDs), but first under the LTSD name, the album will be released 2 Dec 2017 and then premiered live at a concert in Taunton, UK on 24 Feb 2018.

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Tim Finch

Keys & Vocals

Tim Finch has been composing piano & synth based music - both instrumentals and (slightly prog-ish) rock songs for at least 30 years. Writing lyrics both from personal experience as well as observing the issues of life, the Plight album brings together pieces crafted from ideas over most of those 3 decades. Tim lives with his wife Barbie and 2 daughters in Taunton. 

Megan Mellamphy

Lead Singer.
Megan is a singer, pianist and flautist, and presently studying to become a very clever physicist. Her distinctive vocal style and sound helps define the LTSD sound on the Plight album. Tim met Megan through both being involved in music at a church in Taunton in the past. She currently lives in Bath.

Bob Foster

Sax & Back Vox

Bob is a sax and clarinet genius - teaching both instruments to private pupils, and a retired IT developer from the power grid industry. Tim & Bob go way back to the very first studio songs album Tim made in 1991. When Bob is not teaching or playing sax, you'll find him most likely at Edinburgh Festival where he and Liz, his wife, enjoy overdosing on theatre productions!

Pete Holder

Lead Guitar

Pete had worked with Tim & Bob in another band and so was the obvious choice to ask to come and help work on guitar solos in the studio for the Plight album recording. Pete  love for playing guitar really shines through on the album and is a joy to work with.

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Earlier The Same Life CD

We have also released a compilation CD of past material from LTSD founding member Tim Finch's previous 4 studio albums.


This 12 track 79 minute CD takes the best tracks from the albums Fragment, Worlds Way of Caring, Pilgrim and the most recent, Windmill and puts them together on one CD. A mixture of instrumental and songs, this CD gives a great way to hear

Tim's back catalogue.

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