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'The Plight of the Passionate' CD & MP3s (+ optional extra)

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Our new studio recorded CD, The Plight of the Passionate, which was released Sat 2nd Dec 2017.

LOOKING FOR MP3s to download? Add this product to the basket. MP3 redemption code comes with with CD order, so you can download MP3s.

"There are some achingly beautiful melodies and the playing is superb."
Matt, Midlands

When adding this product to the shopping basket, there is an option to add our other CD, Earlier The Same Life to the basket, as well. Read on for more details.

"I anticipated this album was going to really good, but it has even exceeded that expectation."
Phil, Somerset

Purchasing this CD comes with a redemption code in the package to download the MP3 files for your media player.

The 'Plight' CD contains a 16 page full colour booklet in the case with lyrics and artwork to accompany the album.

Postage is £2 for UK with Rest of World £4.50.

"Well, what a beautiful & inspiring CD....To my layman's ears, great production"
Paul, Devon

LTSD Concert in Taunton, 24 Feb 2018

We're playing live in Taunton, Somerset, UK - 24 Feb 2018. Free Tickets. Details here: See Details & Obtain Tickets

Track Listing

1. Standing There
2. Prelude of the Passionate
3. All Hallow Eve
4. Looking out to Sea
5. Fire Calling
6. But Not Me
7. See You
8. Your Finest Hour (Terpsichorean)
9. Plight of the Passionate
10. All you've got for Me

Want to listen to clips of the songs from the CD? Head over to our SoundCloud page for a medley of tracks from the album.

More details on the album can be found on our website:

Secure payment is via your Credit or Debit Card, using Paypal, to LTSD Band Member Tim Finch's Paypal. You do not need a Paypal Account to checkout - simply pay by debit/credit card when asked.

This CD is usually shipped within 7 days of ordering. In the run up to Christmas we are trying to get CDs out within 24 hours to help fulfill Christmas present orders.

Extra Ordering Options

Along side our new studio album 'Plight', we are offering optional extras you can add to the basket on this page.

Earlier The Same Life CD

Optionally add in your bag a copy of LTSD's other CD release Earlier The Same Life. This CD is a 79 minute compilation CD of tracks from four albums that Tim Finch, founder of LTSD, produced in the 80s, 90s and 00s.
This 12 track CD contains both instrumental and songs from the studio albums Fragment (1989), Worlds Way of Caring (1991), Pilgrim (1992) and Windmill (2002) that Tim has produced prior to involvement in LTSD.


I want a different set of purchase quantities than the options allow

No problem. To buy additional...

  • The Plight of the Passionate CDs - simply add this product again to the basket choosing Do Not Add... options for the 'Earlier The Same Life' CD
  • Earlier The Same Life CD - Click Here to order just that CD

Are you releasing your albums on iTunes / Spotify and other online platforms?

We hope to release Plight of the Passionate on iTunes (at least - possibly other platforms) sometime in 2018. The CD release however is the quickest way to get the album over Winter 2017/18 - and it comes with a redemption code to download the MP3 files from our website in any case. The CD has a 16 page full colour booklet that accompanies the CD, with original artwork and photographs, with lyrics and background to the album which wont be available to future iTunes purchasers.

We know a member of the band. Can we pre order and not pay postage and collect from them?

Some of the band members will have stock of The Plight of the Passionate CDs to sell personally to those they know, so speak to the band member you know to ask about that - but only after the album is released and on sale at full price. To get this deal, you need to order on this page and the CD will be posted to you.

Thank you for buying our music. You are encouraging musicians to keep producing original material when you do! From all of us in LTSD, Tim, Jerry, Megan, Bob & Pete.

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